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Dogs of Mount Pleasant: Get Schooled!

Puppy training classes coming to Mount Pleasant

For those of you that have met the Craft Kombucha mascot, Guinness, at the Mount Pleasant Farmers' Market or around the neighborhood, you know that he was born for a life of stardom. He is extremely well-behaved and very social. His brand new sister, 'Bucha, has a tendency to be a little bit mischievous, though. Thanks to her naughty streak, we had an idea - why not start up a puppy class right here in Mount Pleasant? So, that's exactly what we've done with Mount Pleasant, Cultured featured contributor Juliana Willems! Juliana works with Dog Latin Dog Training, and has agreed to teach a group of Mount Pleasant pups how to make the nice list this year. 

Puppyhood, while filled with joy and love, can be frustrating when we don't have a way to communicate to our dog what we want from him. Dog Latin Dog Training puppy classes teach people and dogs through positive reinforcement, giving owners the tools to get behaviors we want from our puppies. This is the time in a puppy’s life to start building desirable habits and teaching good manners!

If you are interested in Dog Latin Dog Training's puppy classes in Mt. Pleasant, email for more information.

More about our featured contributor:

Juliana Willems KPA-CTP has lived in Mt. Pleasant for almost two years now. She is a dog trainer with DC based company Dog Latin Dog Training, and her specialty is working with rambunctious, reactive or anxious dogs. Because her work with dogs started in animal sheltering, Juliana has a soft spot in her heart for rescue dogs and fostered dogs in need for many years. Juliana writes about fostering and training dogs in her blog Peace, Love & Fostering