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What We're Listening To - Vol. 11

Let's Get Physical!

Spend even a small amount of time out-and-about in Washington, D.C., and one of the first things you'll notice is that everybody runs. And we mean everybody. (When was the last time you didn't see at least one person out on their daily run?)

Hanging out with Guinness and 'Buch mean frequent walks around Rock Creek Park, an activity that we love. However, we've just recently rediscovered the joy of getting out there by yourself and running until your legs give out. Whether you prefer to jog through the park, or run along the memorials, there is no shortage of routes to take around the city while getting your exercise fix. 

This week's playlist is the perfect motivational mix from the people over at Shape. So if you're struggling through your next workout, just plug your headphones and press play! You can listen to the playlist on our Spotify page, below.