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On Tap: Craft Kombucha at Little Red Fox

Yesterday, we took a little field trip to visit one of our favorite lunch spots in Washington, D.C., Little Red Fox.

Joining us was the newest member of the Craft Kombucha family, Bucha! Still just a puppy, Guinness' new little sister is a bundle of energy. She's still getting adjusted to life in the city, but she loved her first outing to Craft Kombucha's newest tap location. While little miss Bucha tried to get her brother to join in playtime, the Craft Kombucha team enjoyed some of the best treats Little Red Fox has to offer.

There are plenty of great lunch options to try out, but the clear group favorite was their one-of-a-kind grilled cheese - decked out with Tillamook cheddar cheese, apple butter, and if you request it, bacon. The cafe is also known for their beautiful and delicious apple pies - a good alternative to your traditional birthday cake if cake isn't your thing. While we are normally pro-apple pie, today we decided to vary from the norm and try a few slices of their blueberry-ginger and honey oat pies. Neither disappointed. 

If you're looking for something to grab and go, you have the option to take your meal to go. Shelves and refrigerated units along the right hand side are filled with other options for you to take on your way, including teas from our friends at Runningbyrd Tea Company and tonics from Gouter. For our fellow craft beer enthusiasts, there is also a find an excellent lineup of craft beers right when you walk in. 

If you haven't had a chance to stop by yet, you should definitely consider this Connecticut Avenue hangout for your next lunchtime destination. While there, you can grab a glass of one of our two flavors currently on tap, Grapefruit and Little Red Fox Ginger, an exclusive apple-ginger mix.