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What We're Listening To - Vol. 8

Songs of the Summer

With temperatures settling in the 90s and the occasional thunderstorm blowing through, it looks like summer is here to stay. After a particularly long winter, we're excited to finally go outside and enjoy the summer sun, even if the humidity can be a bit daunting at times.

Annapolis, MD. Photo by Megan Betcher.

Annapolis, MD. Photo by Megan Betcher.

To celebrate the return of weather that just begs you to throw on a swimsuit and head to the beach, we've put together a playlist of the best summer songs across the decades. Prepare yourself for lots of hits from The Beach Boys, as no warm-weather playlist is complete without at least a few tunes from the unequivocal "kings of summer". Personally, we suggest you plug your iPod or phone in, press play, and roll the windows down - like we did on our way to one of our favorite summer daytrip destinations, Annapolis, this weekend. 


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