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Craft Kombucha x Kelly Towles

Spread the Love by Kelly Towles

Spread the Love by Kelly Towles

Introducing Kelly Towles - DC Artist + Craft Kombucha Collaborator

If you hadn't already heard, Craft Kombucha was successfully funded on Kickstarter in April, allowing for expansion into a new kitchen space and an increase in production. Since the completion of the campaign, the Craft Kombucha team has been hard at work to bring loyal supporters their rewards. As such, we're very excited to bring you a development regarding several of those rewards - we are working in collaboration with emerging DC-based artist Kelly Towles to create our exclusive stickers and t-shirts! 

If you don't know Kelly by name, you may recognize some of his work, such as the installations he did for the Sweetlife festival last year and his murals in the U Street Music Hall, DC Brau, or Toki Underground. With such an impressive body of work, you can be sure that your newest piece Craft Kombucha swag will be ultra cool.

We'll continue to keep you posted here on the progress of Craft Kombucha's expansion and other cool Kickstarter related news.  In the meantime, take a look at Kelly's work to see what you can expect from the newest batch of Craft Kombucha swag! See Kelly's work, here.