Craft Kombucha

Dear Mount Pleasant - A Letter from Craft Kombucha Founder Tanya Maynigo-Loucks

Before there was Craft Kombucha, it was just me, my husband and our dog Guinness. Our family was new to the neighborhood, having just moved from our one-bedroom place downtown to a cozier home in Mount Pleasant with more room to grow. We have loved it here since day one. The laid back vibe of the neighborhood and my newly acquired space meant that I had more room and more time to pursue my favorite hobby, home-brewing kombucha. Then came the fateful day when I made far more kombucha than our refrigerators could handle...

Fast forward to today, a little more than a year after I began this exciting new chapter in my life. Thanks to the support of the support and encouragement of the Mount Pleasant neighborhood, Craft Kombucha  has become a reality.  This community has joined us in this journey, and at the same time, we have been a part of yours. We have been there to offer congratulations on engagements and weddings, We have helped welcomed newly adopted dogs to their new neighborhood.  We have watched families grow and babies become toddlers. We have met new roommates, excited to move into the neighborhood, and said bye to old ones, reluctant to leave. We have heard the details of rigorous training for marathons or cycling races, the beginnings of new careers, plans for exciting trips to exotic locales, and even talked homebrew recipes.

Mount Pleasant has such a delightfully unique neighborhood culture, and we love that we get to be a part of it. Just as kombucha has its fermenting culture to give it life, we strongly believe the culture of Mount Pleasant is a vital part of what defines the Craft Kombucha brand.

When our team decided to start this blog, we did not want to limit it to being a Craft Kombucha blog. Our desire for this blog is for it to be a fun, yet informative, neighborhood resource for you. It is a small contribution that we can make to this community we love, and our heartfelt thank-you for your continued support.


Tanya + Guinness the boxer